Advanced BP Support features 2 NEW breakthrough ingredients, plus tried-and-true nutrients for unprecedented blood pressure control:

Results of test on 150 mg per day of MegaNatural BP Grape Seed Extract
NEW! MegaNatural BP Grape Seed Extract is an extraordinary patented compound that’s rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that naturally increase blood vessel dilation to promote healthy blood flow and blood pressure.

A recent UC Davis study found that 150 mg of MegaNatural BP grape seed extract (the exact amount in Advanced Blood Pressure Support could help improve blood pressure levels after just 4 weeks of treatment.1

GABA is an amino acid that’s produced naturally in your brain to foster communication between nerve cells and to help reduce stress. Specifically, it tempers your cortisol levels to support normal blood pressure.

PharmaGABA is a highly concentrated form of GABA that, unlike most other GABA sources on the market today, has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.
A clinical study was recently conducted to measure the amount of chromogranin A (CgA) (a protein that your endocrine and immune cells release during stressful periods) present in the systems of two groups of people.

Both groups were given a cup of coffee to drink, but one group was given coffee that also contained 28 mg of PharmaGABA.
Effect on mental stress with GABA-added beverage when exercising: from cortisol in saliva
The results showed that the level of stress hormones was significantly lower in the people who consumed coffee containing PharmaGABA than it was in those who drank plain coffee. And these results were evident just 30 minutes after drinking the coffee.2

Another study concluded that drinking a GABA-infused beverage produced a lower stress response to exercise, specifically less sweating, slower heartbeat, and lower cortisol levels.3

Tried-and True! Hawthorn has been used traditionally for centuries. Its leaves, berries, and flowers contain many biologically active antioxidant flavonoid compounds that have natural cardio-protective power. Not only can it help to maintain normal blood pressure levels, but hawthorn can also provide improve overall cardiac support, primarily due to its ability to…
  • Relax vascular smooth muscle, which improves the blood supply to the heart
  • Exert mild diuretic activity, which increases sodium excretion and thereby decreases the volume of water in your body (As you may know, increased or retained water in your body is a stressor to the health of your cardiovascular system.)
  • Improve cardiac metabolism by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to the myocardium [Client should double-check footnotes in brief]
  • Support the integrity and function of your arteries
  • Protect LDL cholesterol from free radical oxidation
  • Improve the metabolic processes in the heart, resulting in an increase in the force of the contraction of the heart muscle

Tried-and-True! Magnesium is a vital mineral that’s involved in at least 325 different enzymatic reactions and scores of biological functions, including energy production, muscle contractions, sleep, growth and healing. It’s considered a “heart-healthy” nutrient, as it also helps to support overall cardiovascular health.  In fact, research suggests that people with the highest intakes of magnesium are more likely to maintain normal blood pressure levels.4

While you can get it in foods like nuts, broccoli, soybeans, and wheat bran, experts suggest that most Americans don’t get nearly enough of this important mineral through their diet and should, therefore, supplement to get the desired amount.

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