A Special Heart-Felt Mother's Day Message

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Dr. Sinatra's MomThis Sunday is Mother’s Day, which ever since I was a small child was one of my favorite holidays. My mom (whose picture appears with this post) and I were extremely close, and many of my fondest memories revolved around time spent with her. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the wonderful meals she used to prepare and feel the love and warmth she created in our home.

As I got older and went to medical school, my love and appreciation for my mother deepened even more. She was very supportive of me my entire life—and the faith she showed in me as I launched my career made a real difference. Every Mother’s Day I honor her by sharing memories of the special times we spent together with my own children.

Today, Mother’s Day centers on the love I feel for my wife Jan who is a wonderful mother to all of our children. I also take great pride in seeing our own children, now parents themselves, caring for the next generation of Sinatra’s—and carrying down the same love of family, and same warm memories, that my mother gave to me.


Many people don’t think of it this way, but Mother’s Day is in many ways a holiday of the heart. Letting yourself feel those emotional connections to the ones you love speeds the heart and makes it pump more forcefully. But you won’t hear anyone complain to their doctor about it, since these physical sensations are experienced as pleasurable anticipation, or memories, of being with one with whom you have a strong heart-felt connection.


So, this Mother’s Day go ahead and open up your own heart, whether it’s in memory, or by sharing time with those you love! Happy Mother’s Day!

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