A Smart, Easy Summer Recipe that Doesn’t Turn Up the Heat

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A Smart, Easy Summer Recipe that Doesn’t Turn Up the Heat

Boy are we in the "dog days" of summer! It's so hot I could fry that proverbial egg on the stone patio out back. When the sun’s this intense I even let my beard grow for a few days if I don’t have appointments to clean up for. That way I can afford my face an extra layer of natural "sunblock" for sojourns out in the hot sun.
Plus, like many of you, at this time of year I’m always looking for quick and easy dishes that don’t require heating up the kitchen. Instead, I try to take advantage of local, organic fruits and vegetables to soak up all the colorful phytonutrients they offer.
Here’s a recent photo my wife took of me after a few hours of catch-and-release fishing. She took it while I was using some freshly harvested avocados and onions to prepare an avocado salad.

So, I thought I’d share this cool, refreshing “Sinatra Summer Smart and Simple” recipe with all of you.   
All you do is cut two avocados up into bite sized chunks, and mix them with sliced organic onions (red or Vidalia are my personal favorites). Then, add a clove of garlic finely chopped and season it with sea salt and olive oil drizzled to taste (but no vinegar).You can enjoy this simple salad by itself, or make it a complete meal by tossing it with two cups of fresh greens (arugula, green leafy lettuce, and kale) and if you'd like you can garnish it with walnuts, almonds, or pine nuts.
The secret with this type of recipe is to be creative and use what you have available. When making summertime stops at farm stands and health food stores we just pick up the basic fruits and vegetables that are in season that week, and try new combinations.

Now, it’s your turn: Do you any summer recipes to share with me?

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