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If you crave chocolate when you’re stressed or feeling blue, and feel a noticeable difference after you eat it, you know first-hand that there is such a thing as a mood-boosting food. But while one or two squares of dark chocolate are good for your heart I wouldn’t recommend depending on it to boost your mood.

But the good news is there are a number of other healthy foods that can balance your serotonin, which is the chemical substance in your brain that promotes feelings of calm, well-being, mental alertness, control, and an increased ability to deal with stress. Plus, they’re good for your heart and your overall health.

  1. Nuts and seeds
  2. Ocean-going, cold-water fish such as salmon and mercury-free tuna
  3. Organic DHA-fortified eggs
  4. Ground flaxseed
  5. Fruits and vegetables, including asparagus, lentils, chickpeas, beans, squash, and sweet potatoes
  6. Whole grains, particularly brown rice, wild rice, barley, and spelt
  7. Organic turkey and free-range poultry
  8. Avocados

Any of these foods will support serotonin levels, but perhaps the most important ingredient is DHA, which is found in fish, DHA-fortified eggs, nuts and seeds, and avocado.

Now it’s your turn: Have you noticed that any of these foods boost your mood?

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