5 Heart Healthy Grilling Tips

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5 Heart Healthy Grilling Tips

For us, springtime in New England means a chance to enjoy outdoor cooking after a long, cold, wet winter. No one enjoys sidling up to the grill to feed friends and family on the patio more than my wife Jan and I do.  But as you get ready to pull out the grill, make sure you take into account these heart-smart grilling secrets.


Heart Healthy Grilling Tips

1. Select your meats carefully. Some of the best heart-healthy grilling choices are beef, grass-fed buffalo, and bison. Instead of buying hamburger meat, I have the butcher grind up free range, top round steak into burger meat.

2. Look for 90-95% lean on the label. Before grilling that steak or lamb, we trim all the visible fat away.

3. Kabobs are fun and flavor-packed.  Mix beef, buffalo, or lamb speared with chunks of onions, tomatoes, and zucchini.

4. Try putting wild Alaskan salmon, Atlantic halibut, or haddock on the grill. Larger fish, such as tuna, sword, and shark, can be laden with mercury.

5. Keeping the skin on during grilling protects the chicken from carcinogens.  But once you grill it, take the skin off before you eat it.


Now It's Your Turn: What do you like to grill for heart health?


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