5 Heart Healthy Grilling Tips

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Last Reviewed 06/16/2014

GRILLED CHickenFor us, springtime in New England means a chance to enjoy outdoor cooking after a long, cold, wet winter. No one enjoys sidling up to the grill to feed friends and family on the patio more than my wife Jan and I do.  But as you get ready to pull out the grill, make sure you take into account these heart-smart grilling secrets.


Heart Healthy Grilling Tips

Safe Grilling Tip #1: Select Your Meats Carefully: Some of the best heart-healthy grilling choices are beef, bison, and lamb.  Instead of buying fatty hamburger meat, I have the butcher grind up free range, top round steak into burger meat.  Some places sell a good lean ground round, but avoid the fat when making your selection.

Safe Grilling Tip #2: Look for 90-95% Lean on the Label: Before grilling that steak or lamb, we trim all the visible fat away.

Safe Grilling Tip #3: Kabobs are fun and flavor-packed.  Mix beef, buffalo, or lamb speared with chunks of onions, tomatoes, and zucchini.

Safe Grilling Tip #4: Our favorites are wild Alaskan salmon , Atlantic halibut ,  or haddock. (Larger fish, such as tuna, sword, and shark, can be laden with mercury).

Safe Grilling Tip #5: Keeping the skin on during grilling, protects the chicken from carcinogens during grilling.  But once you grill it, take the skin off before you eat it.


Now It's Your Turn: What do you like to grill for heart health?

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