4 Medical Tests You Should Get

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Some of you may remember my blog on four medical tests that could do more harm than good. I want to follow up by giving you four medical procedures you should get—many of which have surprising benefits for your health.

4 Medical Tests You Should Get

4 Medical Procedures Dr. Sinatra Suggests

No. 1 Medical Test: Getting your blood drawn: Any time you get your blood drawn, or better yet donate blood, it thins the blood. Giving blood also removes excess ferritin (iron), which can contribute to arterial toxicity and cholesterol oxidation. For the best heart health benefits, I recommend donating a unit of blood every three to four months if you’re able to.

No. 2 Medical Test: Colonoscopy: Regular colonoscopies are still the best defense against colon cancer, but what many people don’t realize is that the preparation is as beneficial as the medical test itself. To maximize the cleansing and detox benefits, I recommend eating a steamed vegetable diet for a few days before your medical test. This gives you vital nutrients, minerals, and fiber and helps to cleanse your colon.

No. 3 Medical Test: Exercise stress test: I recommend that any man older than 40 and any woman older than 45 get an exercise stress test before starting an exercise program. This medical test is the best way to make sure your heart is in shape. What I’ve also found is that many people decide to begin an exercise program after completing a stress test, since it shows people just how good the body can feel after exercising.

No. 4 Medical Test: Food rotation for food allergies. Although not a medical test, food rotation is a very important evaluation tool. Many of the health ills that people have, including IBS, are caused by undetected food allergies. Food rotation—meaning temporarily removing foods like gluten, corn, peanuts and milk from your diet one at a time and then adding them back—gives your body a much-needed rest. Many people are surprised at just how much better they feel after starting a food rotation diet.

Now it’s your turn: How many of these beneficial medical procedures have you tried?

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